Learning a Little More About The Olive Oil Manufacturing Process

While many people consume extra virgin olive oil, most don’t understand what it actually is and how it is made. What is the difference between pure olive oil and extra virgin olive oil? The most recognizable difference lies in the flavor of the oil because extra virgin olive oils are richer and more flavorful. At Fafani Foods, provide organic extra virgin olive oil so we’re very familiar with the manufacturing process and the differences between regular and extra virgin olive oils.

How is regular olive oil made?

Different types of olive oils have different kinds of extraction processes. Pure olive oil is extracted with the help of the heat process. The olive juice is heated until the oils separate from the other ingredients. The oils are then collected, processed, and packaged as pure olive oil. The heat alters the chemical structure of the oil, which has an impact on its flavor, richness, and nutritional value.

extra virgin olive oil

Olive Pomace oil is extracted with the help of a chemical solvent, which leaves behind some traces of chemicals in the resultant oil. That also has an impact on the flavor, nutrition level, and quality of the oil.

How is extra virgin olive oil made?

This oil is made using a mechanical process with the intention of preserving as much flavor and nutrition in the oil as possible. Here’s a brief description of the extraction process:

  • The olives are first harvested at the right time and crushed using the cold press method.
  • The crushed olives are then strained to extract all of the juices from the fruit.
  • The juice is then poured into a centrifuge that spins continuously until the oil separates from the water and solids in the juice.
  • The oil is then extracted and packaged as extra virgin olive oil.

As you can see, there’s no heat or chemicals involved in the process, which helps preserve the taste and richness of the oil.


Once the oil is prepared, it must pass a series of tests in order to be truly considered extra virgin olive oil. The oils must have that distinctive fruity olive flavor and pass a series of chemical tests to check if their fatty acids and peroxide levels are accurate.

If you want to know more about extra virgin olive oil or it’s benefits, don’t hesitate to call us at Fafani Foods at 844-232-1411 or contact us through this form.

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