Experiencing the Finest Organic Olive Oil

Grocery stores offer an array of options when it comes to organic choice of oil – from extra virgin to pure light olive oil. Classified as one of the finest and most expensive oil categories, the entire procedure of growing to manufacturing these olives demand extra care and specialization. As the name suggests, the organic oil comes from freshly collected olives which are harvested organically.

extra virgin olive oil

For regular users it is not much of a predicament, however, for others it might be at times difficult to understand what exactly makes it extra virgin olive oil.

Tunisia has a rich history of olive cultivation since 8th century B.C. Olive trees require little or no pesticides for their growth which keeps their organic nature intact. The trained cultivators of Tunisia, most of whom are women, use small rakes to climb the tress, handpick the fruits and collect them on a net. No machinery is included in any step of the oil manufacture, which helps to retain the true quality of the olives. The freshly picked olives are processed under controlled temperature without the use of any solvents. Organic olive oil has medium intensity with tinge of tomato and peppery tastes which brings out the characteristic flavor.

organic extra virgin olive oil

To learn more about the uses of organic olive oil, visit the official website of Fafani Foods at fafanifoods.com or can contact them over telephone at 844-232-1411.

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