Bring the tradition of Tunisian cuisine to your plate

In America’s rush to adopt as well as adapt the manner of Mediterranean cooking, Tunisia is often been neglected. Morocco has received a lion’s share of culinary attention while it comes to North African cooking. However, Tunisia is a truly Mediterranean country that is tucked between Libya and Algeria and jutting out into the sea less than 100 miles from Italy.

Tunisian cuisine.PNG

Tunisian cuisine is familiar for its spicy flavor. Though you follow a strict all through the week, sometimes it is better to forget diet and embrace the aroma of life. And to do so, you can prepare the following dishes:



It is a hot and aromatic paste that is made from sun-dried peppers and spices from the Mediterranean. It is mainly used in North African and Middle Eastern cuisines as a condiment or mixed with tomato juice or water to flavor soups, stews or couscous. Add a teaspoonful to the bash of your favorite dish and dilute it with the olive oil to spread on the bread.



Mashwiya is a traditional grilled pepper salad. It doubles as a hot sauce and in much of the Arab world, it is served with barbeque. The color, as well as thickness of the salad, depends on the vegetables that you use.

All of the dishes will wake up your taste buds. Would you want to learn the secret of preparing these mouth-watering dishes? Learn it from the professionals of Fafani Foods. They bring the tradition of Tunisian foods to you. For further queries, call them at 844-232-1411 or visit at

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