Benefits of Organic Olive Oil

Organic olive oil is ‘cold pressed’. It means the procedure of extracting the oil from the olive is carried through squashing the olives between two stone rollers. It is the most effective way to separate the oil from the oil and keep the process as natural as possible without using any machines.

organic olive oil

As organic olives are grown without using any pesticides or chemicals, they are enriched in taste, color and nutrient value and these help them to stand out from their non-organic counterparts. The ‘first pressed’ types of olive oils such as extra virgin are usually more expensive as they undergo the least amount of processing.

High in monounsaturated fat

It is the good fat that body needs to function properly. And people who live in countries that incorporate olive oils into their diets on the regular basis can stand testament to the benefits it offers. This fat is good for the heart as well as the cardiovascular system as a whole as help to reduce the chances of heart attacks and strokes.


Good for digestion

Organic olive oil is great for the ones who are suffering from stomach ulcers and gastrointestinal disorders. As the oil is a natural inducer of pancreatic hormones and bile in the body, it can help prevent the formation of gallstones.

extra virgin olive oil

Great source of Vitamin E

Being a powerful antioxidant, Vitamin E helps to prevent the damage inflicted by free radicals on the body. Moreover, it helps protect against cancer and heart disease.

As olive oil is enriched with nutrient value, people use it in cooking than other oils. Fafani Foods offer quality olive oil and that too at reasonable prices. Would you like to get it? Visit their website 

Fafani Foods
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