Sneak-Peek into Tunisia’s Olive Oil Production

Tunisia was named the leading olive oil exporter in the world in 2014-15 second only to Spain. With more than 75 million olive trees spread over 1.7 million hectares, olive cultivation takes up about one-third of Tunisia’s arable land. But that’s not all to be impressed about as what makes it even more remarkable is that the vast majority of Tunisian Olive Oil are naturally produced. The production, processing and marketing of olives, known as Oleiculture is the primary agricultural activity for this North African nation with a workforce over 1 million.

organic extra virgin olive oil

Most of the Tunisian olive oil farmers do not use any artificial pesticide or fertilizer to grow the olives, making the product naturally occurring organic extra virgin olive oil. The olive oil production in Tunisia is a true testament to the nation’s passionate dedication to producing high-quality olive oils using time-honored traditions. With more than 25,000 tons organic production every year, 40% of it is exported. The United States is one of the biggest importers of Tunisian organic olive oil.

Olive cultivation in the country dates back to as old as the 8th century B.C. and farmers still follow the old-world farming tradition to produce extra virgin olive oil. During the harvest season, mostly the women laborers climb the ladders to reach and pick the olives.

extra virgin olive oil

Fatty acids are the most important component of olive oil. Hydrocarbons, such as squalene and ß-carotene are present in olive oil which serves as the minor components of the olive oil characteristics; ß-carotene contributes to the specific color to the oil and also serves as an antioxidant during storage. To copherols present are also antioxidants but are a source of vitamin E. Not only the above-mentioned chemicals but a good range of volatile components such as ketones, aldehydes, thiols, acids and alcohols give the oil its characteristic flavor and odor.

Tunisian cuisine

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