How will You Choose Extra Virgin Olive Oil?

When you visit the grocery shop to buy olive oil, you just lost yourself in the options that are provided by the seller. So many fancy names, so many colors, so many virgins- which one to choose from?

You don’t need to worry. Have a look at the points. With this, you can understand how to choose organic extra virgin olive oil:

organic extra virgin olive oil

Dark bottles are better

Like heat and oxygen, exposure to light can permanently spoil the oil. To sort the good from the bad, seek out darker glass bottles as well as overlook the clear ones, mainly anything plastic.

An extra virgin distinction is crucial

There is a difference between virgin and extra-virgin and it is advisable to buy extra-virgin than the other option. To do so, have a look at the label and buy the oil when your doubt is clear.

Tunisian cuisine

Beware of misleading origin labels

Oftentimes, producers will try to pass off their oil as a ‘product of Italy’ when in fact they were packaged there. Many cheaper quality oils that are labeled as such actually originate in places like Spain or Greece.

Color isn’t important

People consider that color is very important. However, the variety of colors doesn’t indicate the quality. The thing that matters is the type of Olive that is used and the time they were pressed.


Don’t buy in bulk

Don’t use a bottle of olive oil for a long time or don’t buy it in bulk. Otherwise, you will be deprived of the qualities for which the oil is asked to use. Buy a bottle or two and buy it again when it is finished.

These are basic things that one needs to consider when buying olive oil. Fafani Foods is a reputable name in this field. They are familiar to offer quality products and that too at reasonable prices. To get the product from them or to learn more, call at 844-232-1411 or visit their website at

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