Surprising Olive Oil Benefits

Olive oil is essentially all fruit oil which is mainly found in the Mediterranean region. Not only for cooking purposes, it has been used for developing cosmetic products, pharmaceutical supplements and even some medicinal products.


Tunisian cuisine

Tunisia being one of the major producers of olive oil in the world has some of the most indigenous recipes for Tunisian cuisine. Majority of its food are made of organic extra virgin oil which makes them a bunch of healthy recipes. One of the most longstanding unique Tunisian custom is to have a pot of olive oil in place of butter.

The Health Factor in Olive Oil

Olive oil is one of the most healthy oils which has a huge content of the monounsaturated fat. This little low saturated fat content, it helps to have a healthy heart by regulating the cholesterol levels.

Organic extra virgin olive oil is known to have over orty different antioxidant chemicals. They help in reducing the oxidation effects of LDL cholesterol while enhancing the level of the HDL cholesterol in the body.

Research on Mediterranean olive oil showed that it is very difficult to gain weight from the mono-unsaturated fats. Olive oil recipes are thus safe for consumption. That being said, it also helps to boost the metabolism in the body. For children, it helps in brain development and growth of the bone structure. For older people, it serves as an excellent source of vitamin E.

The Tunisian cuisine will hardly cause any digestion problem as olive oil aids in the digestive process. And, in turn, it improves the bowel movements.


Being rich in phenols, olive oil is also aided with anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial characteristics. It thus helps to inhibit the growth of the pathogenic bacteria and reduce any form of inflammation.

Tunisian food is not one of the most popular types of cuisine in United States. If you are a connoisseur for this Mediterranean food type, get in touch with Fafani Foods. Have a look at  to get an overall idea of how it all started. Connect with Fafani foods over 844-232-1411 and experience the uniqueness of the Tunisian, Mediterranean cuisine.

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