4 Myths You Don’t Know about Olive Oil

It would be the dream of any foodie to dunking the bread in the oily elixir and dripping it enthusiastically on everything that is remotely edible and Tuscany, there are a lot of things you might not know correctly.

If you want to get the myths busted about olive oil, here are some of the points to know:

Virgin olive oil and extra virgin olive oil are nearly similar to quality

Being an industrial product, there is hardly much noticeable difference in Virgin,” “pure,”, “light”, “fine” or whatever is the adjective they merely add to any further quality of the virgin oil.

extra virgin olive oil

  • Look for first cold pressing

Often the Tunisian olive cultivation follows the old world laborious procedure of oil manufacture. So if you are looking for the perfect olive oil taste, first cold pressing label is what you should look for on the bottles. The first olive pressing did produce the best however, in the modern methodology; there is no second pressing and often no hot pressing of extra virgin olive oil.

  • High heat cooking

This is a very common note and almost everyone knows it is not possible to cook in high heat with organic olive oil. This is because it has high polyphenolic content and it makes the extra-virgin oil very stable. For deep frying, 50 or 60F degrees above the ideal temperature works well with olive oil.


  • Color

Unlike what is said, it is there is no perfect shade of the olive oil and it can come in many hues.

  • Follow the ‘Best-by’ dates

When it comes to olive oil, fresh is the best. The harvest date determines the freshness of a product so if you are following a best-by date, try not to surpass it beyond 18 months after bottling.

Bringing three generations of family recipes, the Fafani Family is your one-stop option if you are looking for authentic Tunisian food. Fafani foods have been crafting olives to the purest oil form since the last two decades.

For More Details, Contact At

Fafani Foods
A Division of Gateway Global LLC
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382 NE 191st St # 44113 Miami, FL 33179-3899
Ph: 844-232-1411
E-mail: info@fafanifoods.com
Website: http://fafanifoods.com/


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